Arlene Angle


Arlene Angle

Office Manager

How does an aerobics instructor who dabbled in body building and powerlifting find her way to becoming a carpenter? As a single mom wanting to make a better livelihood for my son, I was looking at heading back to college and needed a job that would allow me the freedom to go to school but still have enough money to pay my mortgage. Mark and his wife had been attending my aerobics classes for a couple of years and offered me a job at Huber’s Custom Building, Inc. I started out as a laborer, driving the dump truck to job sites, picking up the construction debris, delivering materials, and occasionally hauling lumber wherever it was needed. My very first day on the job, although I didn’t know it at the time, I met my future husband. Thor was just graduating from the UW School of Engineering and had a summer job as a painter. We met briefly and chatted and both went our separate ways. Over the next three years, Mark taught me how to do carpentry work and also helped me through my college courses in Math. Not only did I graduate as Valedictorian of my class, I also learned how to build a house.

When Mark builds a house for someone, he is always highly recommended. Over the years that I have worked for him, his clients were referred to him by friends and relatives. During the course of the build, I would meet the owners and my story of being a single mom would generally become part of the conversation. Each time we built a house, someone would say, “I know this guy who is single…his name is Thor and you two would be great for each other”. I would smile, let them know I had met Thor, and keep working.

My last week of work, I was excited to be on my way to becoming a teacher. We were remodeling a home owned by the painter that Thor had worked for in college. He said Thor was back in town, lived right up the street and that we should get together….we got married the next year and had our daughter the following summer. We have been married now for 19 years and live in the home that I was able to keep because of the job that Mark gave me. Mark later helped us remodel our home and we love every detail.

I taught for a while, but I wanted to spend more time with my daughter, so Mark offered me a position in the office as the Office Manager. Once more, he provided me with a job that allows me the freedom to be with my family but still help pay my mortgage.

So yeah, when Mark says he likes to build homes and change lives, he is the real deal.