Arlene Huber


Arlene Huber

Vice President

Arlene Huber is the Vice President of Huber’s Custom Building, Inc. She has been involved with the company from the very beginning and has handled all the office work for many years. However, her true love is Art and she gladly handed over the Office Management to Arlene Angle so that she could devote more time to her passion. Arlene still keeps in touch with the office duties as she handles all of the taxes and retirement accounts. Since her Art studio is located right next to the business office, she has easy access and is always on hand to answer questions or lend a hand with any challenges that arise.

Arlene has also accompanied Tanya and Mark on some of their building trips to other countries. Arlene enjoys meeting the people and helping with the builds. She has also taken some of her art supplies and introduced new skills to the children and interested adults. She is a terrific teacher and enjoys sharing her talents with others.

When not helping in the office or in her Art studio, Arlene enjoys hiking, gardening, and spending time with her family.