Jason VanBlericom

Jason VanBlericom


I am the newest addition to Huber’s Custom Building, Inc. and am proud to join this team! My construction background started when I was in high school working summers for my uncle. I learned all the fundamentals of the concrete trade. I have even stamped concrete for some of this area’s most prestigious homes. Over the years,  I also learned how to operate heavy equipment. I must say, driving big Tonka toys was everything I imagined it would be as a young boy. I have worked my way up from being a roofing laborer (probably one of the most tedious and demanding jobs in the trade next to concrete) up to a journeyman carpenter in the residential and commercial arenas.


At one point in my life, I thought I wanted to do something else other than to be a “blue collar” so I got into sales and sold eyeglasses. This is when I realized I really enjoyed serving others. I became an optical lab technician, (that’s the guy who grinds your prescription into the material giving you the gift of sight). I worked my way up and became a full-fledged Optician.  My skills and willingness to be the best didn’t go unnoticed. I escalated to becoming a large Optical chains regional trainer. After realizing my passion was in building homes, a place where families create memories, I went back to school to earn my real estate license. After the big crash of early 2000’s I found myself striving for something more. Looking for my niche, I have been a journey carpenter in many trades, worked my way up as a superintendent and project manager and now enjoy working for Huber’s Custom Building, Inc.  


A few years ago I was exposed to “house flipping” and started my own journey “flipping” homes. There were a lot of successes with this journey. The biggest success is knowing that the niche and market I excelled at was taking the ugly duck in the neighborhood that the bank forgot about and turning it into an affordable gem for new families or re-establishing families to allow them to get started on the right foot again. During my free time I enjoy picking up a hammer, doing charity work, fishing, off-roading, anything to do with motorcycles, (including competition track), skiing and snowboarding – including instructing children with differing abilities how to ski better than their parents and siblings!


I look forward to working with Huber’s Custom Building, Inc. and building you the home of your dreams!