Keys of Thanks

Keys of Thanks

Keys of Thanks

On Monday our team was blessed with the opportunity of handing over the keys to the Hart family home.

We want to dedicate the Home to the Hart Family as a monument to reflect the strength of this community, and a testament of support to all of our brothers and sisters out there helping one another.

And We pray the family has many years of life, love, joy, and fulfillment in their home.

In Thanksgiving:

Our team is thankful that the experience was placed in our path and we were allowed to contribute our gifts and skills with one another.

We are thankful to all the trades and businesses volunteering, giving their time, and willing to pay it forward.

We thank the Hart Family for giving us the opportunity to come together as a community to unite us and to work together toward a common goal of restoring what has been lost.

This experience gives me the comfort and sense of security to know that we are all walking down the same path side by side, and that there is someone beside us to help us when we stumble.

We thank you Jude, Che, Jessica, and kids!