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We believe in building homes that are efficient, livable, and something to be proud of.

Huber’s Custom Building, is a small family owned business that has been building in the Seattle area for the past 30 years. We originally began building primarily custom homes but have evolved to building both custom and homes for sale. We are a father-daughter team that builds, designs, and creates relationships with our customers, subcontractors, and neighbors. We believe in building homes that are efficient, livable, and something to be proud of. It’s not all about a business; it’s about our city, our neighbors, and giving back. Our success has allowed us to give a portion of our profits and skills to building homes in developing countries and helping those that can really use a home.

Meet our team

A small but dedicated group of people determined to make a difference in the lives of our customers…


I believe that every customer wants to tell people about the “special thing about their home” and my goal is to provide that “Special Factor”.

Mark Huber


Having my art studio located right next to the business office allows me to pursue my passion while still having easy access to answer questions or lend a hand with any challenges that arise.

Arlene Huber

Vice President

Problem solving is one of my favorite things, and building a home is problem solving everyday. Building a house is an art form that you can use.

Tanya Huber

Design & Sales Director

Ray holds a degree in Construction Management and over 35 years of hands on experience. He is invaluable to the HCB team with his ability to oversee proper construction techniques, trades and processes. He is also highly skilled at many of the trades. He’s extremely knowledgeable and always willing to share that knowledge.

Ray Schumacher

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When taking the very popular Strengths Finder Personality traits test a few years ago, Emily’s top trait was “context.”

Emily Sunblade