Mark Huber


Mark Huber


I am the owner of Huber’s Custom Building, Inc. and established my company over 35 years ago. When I was working my way through Engineering School at the UW, I was forced to make a choice; do I move forward and do what I love, “Building Homes”, or do I sit at a desk? Homes WON! I love every part of building homes, from digging in the dirt, pouring foundations, framing, to even operating a cabinet shop so I had the resources to provide my own special touches.

For years, I only built for customers, but I found that when I build homes that I design, build and sell, I could make them the way I like. I can focus on style, functionality, details and character. I believe that every customer wants to tell people about the “special thing about their home” and my goal is to provide that “Special Factor”.

I like to build “Homes”, a place that a family gathers and lives and shares their lives…a place where they can be grounded. It is a place where they can find comfort and security. My team facilitates that. From building homes for sale here in the Northwest to building homes as far away as South America and Africa, we strive to build better homes and change lives. We help families move from tar paper shacks to giving them a home in order to protect them from the elements, provide a roof over their head and offer hope for a better future. Locally, we are helping families that lost everything in a fire by spearheading a project and uniting the community to work together to rebuild the home for the family.

For me it is not about building houses, it is about giving families a place that they can foster their dreams and build their lives; a place they can proudly call Home.