Temporary Transitional Sleeping Pods



waterless bathroom with camping toilet

insulated windows

fiberglass doors

insulated and collapsible wall panels

Last year close to 3,000 people were living on the streets of Seattle without shelter. We have been brainstorming a way to help with this crisis and think we have found a solution – Temporary Transitional Sleeping Pods.

The goal is to be able to provide a transitional sleeping pod to provide security, a bed, and basic essentials, until a better solution is available.

The panels for the pod can be built in a day, then transported in the bed of a pickup truck, and assembled by 2 people in less than an hour.

Each pod costs roughly $2,400 but is worth so much more!

100% of all donations for the POD Project will be held until used to pay invoice for PODs or anything related to the Pod Project. This is considered a pass-through donation like all of HomeAid’s homeless building projects. Donations will be received, tracked in a donor spreadsheet and each donor(s) receives a tax receipt thank you sent via their email. Donation for the POD Project are reported on monthly.

HomeAid Puget Sound is a 501c3 registered nonprofit in WA state. We can (and are more than happy to) accept donations designated toward the purchase of Pods. 100% of the donations for the Pods will go toward the Pods. We can accept and track matching donation from corporations too. We are already set up to receive matching gifts from Microsoft and other local corporations through Benevity, the preferred online platform for matching corporate gifts.

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