Return to Roatan – December 2019

Return to Roatan – December 2019

We just can’t stay away. Team Eclectic and members of the Huber’s team and family are headed back to Roatan, Honduras. This is the 9th time we have had the opportunity to come together with a Roatan family to help them build a new home. 

Let’s meet the Carbajal family:

Mom and Dad are Mario and Elba. Mario works temporarily in construction and also works in landscaping on the side. Elba works jobs in housekeeping when they can find them. Elba used to be a municipal street sweeper before the city laid off her whole team. 

The kids and grandkids are Blanca (23) and Erlin (20),  Ashley, Marvin, Franklin, Marisol, Naomi, Elba Sarai, and Isamar.

Their home:

Right now the Carbajal family lives in a floor-less home with walls pieced together with salvaged boards and corrugated metal. The family cooks over a mud oven and the walls are fairly open to provide more ventilation from the smoke. They have running water for 2 hours a week and have two water tanks that they use for doing dishes and bathing. They also share beds so everyone has a soft place to sleep.

To learn more about the Carabajal family and the upcoming build follow this link. 

Their new home:

Coming December 2019! We will be building a 5 bedroom home with an indoor bathroom, kitchen, running water, and electricity. It will be a 2 story home with a covered deck.

We know the Carbajal family is proud of the work they do and the home they have built but they need our help. A new home that is secure from the elements and safe for the kids will allow mom and dad to focus their efforts on supporting and raising their loving family. We not only wish to provide this wonderful family with a home, but with hope for a stable future.